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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Asians in America Magazine

Asians in America Magazine:

I think Hamamoto is a really interesting character. He came under fire by a pretty well-organized conservative cabal this year --understandably, as he has some pretty provocative things to say about sexual desire and race...

"Darrell Hamamoto, a film professor, watches porno flicks like Rush Limbaugh pops Oxycotin--daily, but without a doctor's permission. He wants to know what 'gets you off' and what makes you 'hard' or 'wet.' From 'Debbie Does Dallas' to 'The Joy Fuck Club,' Hamamoto believes that Asian Americans must fight against the 'White Porno Supremacy' in mainstream U.S. porn. Forget Thursday Nights on NBC, Hamamoto could care less about the Perk Cafe crew; rather he wants to see an Asian American version of Too Live Crew on extra-strength gin seng. The larger implications of these questions are what type of faces and bodies are desirable and what are not (think: Jerry Lewis at Krispy Kremes)."


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