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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sex Inspectors Show on HBO

has anyone else seen this new show (about married couples who get visited by two sex docs who proceed to help them revolutionize their sex lives....)? i saw it for the first time in london (it is a british import) and i remember thinking at the time....my goodness....they'll NEVER show this stuff in puritanical old america....and now hbo has outdone itself once again in leading the way for sex on tv... i really like this show for the most part.... ofcourse, it would be great if they had some same sex couples too....and single folks as well....and cohabitating couples too.... but hey, this stuff is pretty cutting edge as it is (they actually show people having sex through an infrared camera)...

my only real critique is that it is maybe too problem/solution focused.... i wonder how these couples fair after their sex-docs have moved on...do they go back to their old ways or do they genuinely learn something usable for the long run? are their old ways "problems" that need "solutions"? that seems to be the underlying thought.... not sure i agree with it completely...

hmmm.... overall, i give it a thumbs up for effort! definitely worth checking it out....


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