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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm editing a very interesting article on trekphobia for next month's issue of American Sexuality. It's on the media's stereotyping of trekkier/trekkers, and society's discrimination against this group of fans. Interesting how sometimes you don't realize your only prejudices until it's shoved in your face and explained to you.

Yeah, I admit, I always thought those Star Trek types were, well, eccentric at the very best. Now, I feel kind of bad for this group of enthusiasts. People are starting to point fingers at them. There's been actual news coverage suggesting a connection between trekkies and pedophilia ... obviously there's no cause/effect relationship here. The Toronto police, it seems, made the link and then looked for Star Trek paraphanalia in homes of some suspects. In some cases, they found what they were searching for, but the police also probably could have found coffee cups, ice cream, DVDs, video games, televisions...in a number of the homes. no one, though, is saying there's a connection between those things and pedophelia.

What do you think?


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