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Monday, April 02, 2007

let's talk about sex; californians bringing the dialogue home

I’m such an armchair activist. One sure sign being the 30 or so emails I get daily from various lefty organizations. Though I clearly remember joining some of these cyber movements (MSF, I love you!) there are others that just boggle the brain-what are some of these organizations, anyways?

So, most of the time my finger gravitates towards the delete button if I glance upon a subject line that starts with “Join Bette Midler in helping...”

However, I wanted to share this announcement I received from NARAL, an organization that is keeping reproductive issues on the forefront. It’s a call to back The Stronger Families for California Act, a groundbreaking campaign to fund programs that give families the tools to talk about sexual education, pregnancy and STI’s.

The assembly votes on April 10th so take a moment to visit NARAL’s Action Center and send a letter urging your local assemblyperson to vote for AB1511.

More information from NARAL’s website below:

“The Stronger Families for California Act, AB 1511 (Leno), will establish a statewide public education campaign giving parents the tools to talk with their teens about sex and sexual health in order to promote healthy, well-informed decision-making early and often.

Strong family communication is proven to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. California’s parents want the tools to start open and honest conversations about sex and sexuality with their teens.

The Stronger Families for California Act will establish a prevention-based, culturally-competent public education campaign promoting well-informed decision making about sexual health, effectively reducing teen pregnancies, STIs including HIV/AIDS, and related state taxpayer expenses. And it will open the lines of communication in families before a crisis situation occurs. Strengthening California’s families is a solution we can all agree on.”


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