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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Special disability and sexuality issue of American Sexuality Magazine

I wanted to let our loyal readers at the American Sexuality Magazine blog about our recent publication of an issue on Disability and Sexuality at American Sexuality Magazine.

Doctors, caretakers, and the rest of society have long denied full sexual citizenship to the physically and developmentally disabled. Too often, we view disability something to sweep under the rug. This issue of American Sexuality focuses on voices showing the struggle of the disabled to be full sexual citizens.

Here's a quick synopsis of what we've got up right now.
  1. A video on a art show of nudes, created by people with developmental disabilities, by Joyce Nishioka. It's up on YouTube here.
  2. User's Manual for the Paralyzed Penis: Love after spinal cord injury by Tre Trefethen.
  3. Freak Fucker: Sexuality and disability in British art by Ronda Gowland
  4. A summary of our special Disability and Sexuality issue of our Sexuality Research and Social Policy Journal. You can reach the journal directly here.
  5. And last but not least, two reprints from BENT magazine. One on a guy who was chubby as a youngster, lost weight, became a beautiful gay man, and then lost his hand. Another on a guy from Scotland who as a disabled man didn't fit into any gender stereotype, denied his sexuality, and discovered he was gay in his middle ages.
If you've got other content we should add in here, please let us know!


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