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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bridge the Gap June 3

on june 3 marriage equality usa will be launching a bicoastal bridge walk to raise awareness about the next attempt to pass the federal marriage amendment.

many within the lgbt civil rights movement are divided about whether or not this type of action is a good idea in terms of securing the over 1400 federal rights and hundreds of state rights that go with marriage.

on the one side are gay and lesbian couples and their children-- families who cannot marry and legally access the same rights that heterosexuals can through the institution of marriage. they have a sense of urgency in obtaining their rights as many are impacted daily by not having them.

on the other side are lgbt advocates who say that now is not the time to push for such rights in such an outright, activist way. instead, they argue that the battle needs to be fought within state legislatures, courtrooms and ballots and that it will take time--a lot of it to make any direct impact.

this division between grassroots lgbt activism (usually local and state wide) and lgbt political advocacy (national level usually) has a long history in the united states. is it any wonder that the gay and lesbian movement cannot appeal to the masses when it cannot even get on the same page?

the far right continues to have unity and cohesion while the lgbt movement stands fractured....still....

what will it take to end the lgbt movement's divsions? people lives--their mental and physical health--is literally at stake.


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