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Monday, May 22, 2006

protect the children from net neutrality

The US Congress is debating the very important topic of net neutrality. Many bloggers and netroots people are up in arms because large companies will decide what content of the web will be streamed on the web. The Senate is debating this issue now and opponents of neutrality (no doubt financially backed by the companies that stand to profit from control over the internet) have started to make use of tried and true refrains.

Opposing net neutrality is critical to protect our children. Read this terrific exposé by Art Brodsky for a full overview. After reading this important article, it is disappointing to see the reaction by Kevin Drumm of the Wahington Monthly.

It's almost like these guys are robots with defective programming that forces them to respond to every issue, no matter how remote, with a thundering denunciation of gay marriage, kiddie porn, or higher taxes. Mockery is our only option.

Mockery misses the point. The argument is not what is strong, it is the fact that it is virtually impossible to oppose the argument without becoming socially ostracized. That is the strength of using the phrase "protecting our children." Nobody is against it.


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