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Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to the new NSRC

Dear friends and fellow travelers on the road to sexual literacy:

We are very excited to welcome you to our completely redesigned website--we've brought you better functionality and new features so that together we can redefine the way people understand healthy sexuality. This new electronic platform has been in the making for more than a year and has involved the incredible talents of many people, both here at our Center in San Francisco, and around the country as well. All of us are thrilled to be launching this new site in the spirit of promoting truly comprehensive sexuality education and in the larger effort of promoting public awareness around holistic and enjoyable lifelong sexuality, which we think of as the sexual literacy movement.

The features of this exciting new website are truly amazing: now you can browse the content of American Sexuality, Sexualidades Latinas and the Sexuality Research and Social Policy journal, blog and connect in our Dialogues network, and Map the Movement to capture sexuality resources across the country. As the NSRC website builds toward its 6th anniversary in February 2009, we are proud to have become one of the top sources for reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of sexuality in all of its myriad elements and rainbow colors in the US. Please sign up and log in today!

This year, 2008, was extraordinarily challenging to our country; we elected a new President, Barack Obama, breaking with many trends and even with tradition. His leadership carries the hopes and dreams of millions of people around the world. We are going to need all of that good will, as we face the most difficult economic downturn in half a century or more. What are the implications of these trends for sexual literacy?

With the huge spike in unemployment and the downward spiral of the markets around the world, it is going to be a gloomy holiday for retailers, and is already proving to be a fatal or life-threatening experience for the automobile industry, once the backbone of the American economy. The loss of jobs, the uncertain outlook, and the bleak picture can be a time in which people's hopes decline. This is the kind of context that can really test individuals' sense of taking changes, and test the resilience of relationships in general. Being sexually literate right now means applying what we know about sexual health and being safe when entering into sexual relations for the first time; believing that there will be a tomorrow. Committed relationships as well are going to be strained economically and sometimes emotionally through these intense and trying times. Commitment and love and affection go a long way in extending our support for others, including the couples who surround us every day, and who are trying to make a go of life amidst all the change. Understanding the role of this social and personal support is thus part of the sexual literacy movement needed right now.

Take a look around. We welcome your feedback. And if you like what you see, come join us in promoting healthy and pleasurable sexualities.

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From the National Sexuality Resource Center to you and yours, family and friends and partners, we wish each and every one of you a most wonderful holiday and a happy and safe New Year.

All the best,

Gil Herdt

Executive Director,

National Sexuality Resource Center


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